Flash not loading thru Frntpg

I’m trying to load my website to the server. The problem I’m having is that the flash screen is coming up blank or all white. It works fine when I’m in Frontpage and I preview it in browser, but after I publish it, it will not show on the website. I tried several different flash movies that I’ve tried it with, but I’m getting the same thing with all of them. Can someone help?:frowning:

Hey Lily,
Did you upload the Flash .SWF file up to your site? When you copy and paste the animation into FrontPage, only the HTML code referring to the flash file is copied. Unless the Flash file is uploaded to the same location as the HTML file, the animation will not display. Hope that helped.

Kirupa =)

Thanks for your reply. I did import both files into the frontpage. I even tried to uploading them through the file manager. Still nothing showing on the screen. I’ve been dealing with this mystery for a while.

hi Lily

U might have uploaded the swf with the wrong path to the swf(placed it in a wrong directory or smth…)

If u did everything right, the swf might be just loading too slow(if your connection is too low). Then u would just have to wait longer for it to start playing

experiment a bit
it should work out

good luck

Hey lily,
If all else fails, try the following link: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/flash5/publish.asp It has an alternate method of making animations on the Internet work.

Kirupa :bandit:

Thanks for the advice. I followed your tutorial, Kirupa, and the cut and pasting of the HTML actually did the trick.
Thanks Again. This forum is great!