I need someone to write a quick code please

I have done Kirupa’s tutorial and read a couple others, but it seems no matter what I do I cannot get a button to launch an external swf into a MovieClip. I can get it to launch onto the stage, but not to a specified MC. Can someone please create a quick .fla that just has 1 button that loads any external swf into a specified MC? Also, I need it to be in AS2, not AS3.

FYI - The way I approched it was to create an empty MC with the instance “container”. I had a button and the code I had was this:

on (release) {

I also tried _root.container, _parent.container, this._parent.container as well as every other idea I had. So please, can someone create a quick .fla and show me what I am doing wrong? If you want to get a look at what I did go to www.duncanandthompson.com/transitions.fla