I need to hide files


I am creating a Projector to be distributed in a CD ROM. I need to have external files, text files, music, flash movies, that eventually will be loaded into my main movie.

But I would like to hide those files from the user of the CDROM, at least the editable ones (text)

Do you have any suggestion?

I’m not sure that you can…

well, you could store everything in an external library… I’m not sure what you mean though… If you’re making a CD-Rom why exactly are you loading from external text files/music? You could always just load the movies under a different extension aswell. so instead of naming a file “whatever.swf”, name it “whatever.stp” or something and just do a loadMovie(“whatever.stp”, “container_clip”);. That might keep people from opening the files natively… OR you could always just hide the directory. But that is a little lame. :wink:

director lives on…you can do this in director. :smiley:

I know, I know. It’s of no help to you, but it would be a nice addition for future version.

Disco-Stu: The reason you would load from external swfs/files is so that the projector file can be kept to a minimum, thus making the projector load faster, making user happy.
user = happy
client = happy
kirupa people = rich
kirupa people = happy

yea… but if it’s on a CD, is it really going to make a big difference? It’s going to load everything as fast as it takes to load it off the disk. You might save MAYBE a second… I dunno.

sure but it also means the files can be run outside of the projector.

Scenario…loading a 3.00MB projector is going to be a lot quicker than loading a 7-10MB projector. It’s a safety.

Hey, Thank you all very much for the help.

Here is the thing. It is true that using a CD containing the projector and the other files I should not be worried about the loading time.

I thought that using external text files it would be easier to manage the information.

My concern comes from the fact that saving the text files outside the projector will allow any user of the CDROM to open the files, change the information and burn a copy of the CD with the information altered. Does it make sense?

I just thought there was a way to avoid this problem.

I guess I will include the info in the projector and the other flash movies.

Thank you again