I need to reproduce this MX ticker in flash 5, please help!


Ive built a XML ticker scroller in Flash 6 using adapted components and scripts.

Ive posted the files here:
(Please copy and paste the url not click on it.)

I need to reproduce this so it runs on a Flash 5 plugin, as i do not want the user to have to upgrade.

There must be a way to do this in Flash 5. Can someone please help? I need to get this done quick!

Thanks :slight_smile:

thanks for your help mate.

As I am a newbie to actionscripting, it has taken me ages to produce this (weeks!), by patching together bits of code, components etc.

I really need to reproduce the same thing in Flash 5.

Could anyone help me create a duplicate? MAybe a re write in flash 5?

I just need the same functionality that is in this movie, but so it works with Flash 5 plug ins.

Please help, im desperate!! :frowning:

I’ll certainly take a look. I’m interested in how a ticker would work in MX anyway. I’m much better with 5.0 code though. I’ll see what I can decypher.

as a short term solution i built a flash swf file that loads first (In Flash 5 format) it then checks the machine for the plug in version:

  1. if the machine has Flash 5 player installed, the movie jumps to a frame with a ‘click here to upgrade you player message’

  2. if the machine has Flash 6 player installed it should load a new flash 6 swf over the top of it…

or so it should do!..arrrrgh!

instead an error message pops up with the following messge: ’ a script in this movie is causing this machine to run slowly, do you wish to stop it’ and the movie seems to do nothing.

Ive posted the file here (copy and paste url into browser window, do not click on it):


can someone help?!?!



ive had a go at tehese at the weekend with no joy :frowning:

can anyone help a newbie out?

i would really appreciate it.

I’ll take a look as soon as I can.