News flash in flash 5

Hi everybody,
i’m a web page designer i want to insert a news ticker in my site i’ve flash 5 at my office and am not able to do it…can anybody pls. help me out.
i also want it to run thru an external source… *.txt, or something like that.
pls pls help me.


I’m not sure… but I think that colin moock has a tutorial on that somewhere… if not, I’ll bet that there is one on

I’ve been interested in this myself though so eventually kirupa will have one as well. I have to work out some functions in the morning that related to this so if you can wait for a while I’ll see what I can come up with to help you.

thanks David,
i myself my trying out things…but somehow they r not working.
there aint any option until i get the things ready…but to wait!!!
so, if the thing is ready do let me know.


you ARE talking about a side scrolling single line of text right?

just making sure we’re on the same page.

Hey hey… my news ticker example is done.

You can find it at

Please enjoy, and if you have any questions let me know.

Thanks David u’ve been of gr8 help.
this is what i was looking for.
if i’ve any doubts i’ll let u know.

Deepa. =)

Hi, Deepa
Here is another example of how to make a news ticker, its a different way to how David has done his as this is just a simple newsticker, but feel free to do with as you like

if you prefer I can show you how to make a news ticker using XML as input. All you have to do is put the news into the xml-file and the movie does the rest. You can add as many sentences as you want. although I think that is pretty much how David has done his i’ve took the liberty of downloading a copy of his version (cheers David) I haven’t yet taken a good look at it, but he is usually spot on with his approach still it might be handy for you to have more than one way of doing this:bandit:

I know it’s not made with Flash, but there’s a cute JavaScript tickertape on

Shameless bit of promotion and plugging there.

Thanks Chris,
but i wanted the sentence to be extracted from an external source … the one on davids line.

anyways thanks. may be i can use it some other time.


Actually an XML based one would be a little quicker to load once the file gets large enough, and would also be externaly driven. I had kind of thought about putting notes into the readme file that would let a person do the xml instead of the txt. I think for beginners it’s good to get used to loading up variables from a text file though… (no white space striping involved) hence the way I set it up. Both would be from external files though.

Thanks for all the comments. I really worked hard on that one. I plan on encorporating it into my site soon, but I love when other people can gain a bit from my work as well.

hey david,
sorry to bother u but theres a prob with the movie that u had given. the movie size i want is 771px. i’ve made the changes in movie properties and also in the action script. but the its taking lot of time for the initial text to scroll. i mean in the strating its taking time.

hope u r getting my point ,
i’m attaching the fla file,
hope u help me out.


Yes that text ticker will only work at the size I created it. It would have to have some pretty serious retooling to work at a larger size, and it might not even work really well at that size.

I’ll see what I can do though.

thanks david,
that will b really gr8,
is there any other alternative???


I was thinking about one… but didn’t persue it yet, as I was working on other things… perhaps I’ll try that out in the morning sometime. I should have some free time, finaly, tomarrow. I have some fixes on my own site that I need to make.