I need to show a database quary trough ASP inside Flash!

I need to use 4 combobox components to retrieve other 3 informations and show inside flash!! (combobox are related content)

How i do that, i don´t know how to populate de combobox with the ASP … neither how to show the result inside flash…

I already have an working html, but i need inside flash now…

Thnkx a lot for the help!!!

I already know how to send flash data to external ASP or PHP pages, i need help to populate those combobox before quaring the information, this information is inside the same database, access file.

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance

[quote=mickshake;1981188]You can do it with xml, or URL Encoded vars

If you know anything about xml I would recomend that. Search XMLSA on google, I use that when I work with XML in flash.

URL encoded vars is simple, however with a combo box it’s not very practical

Flash will allow you to do things like this:

src=“flashmovie.swf?var1=1&var2=2&var3=3” just be sure to change the swf path in both places if you use the default embed code.

var1, var2, and var3 can be called within flash by using _root.var1, _root.var2, or _root.var3[/quote]

Try this

I will try those ideas with what i have, and soon will post here the results, thanks again!!

[quote=Digitalosophy;1983650]Try this