I need your help

making something here using forms has brought up some questions i’m hoping to have cleared up.

—the first question is: is there anyone in here who’s a graphic artist/semi-experienced flash designer who Uses Forms?) but i’ll ask that later.

here’s the prime issue i’m going to post in the ‘bugs’ forum:

set a Form’s contentPath to let’s say ‘monkey.swf’
it will load and everything will be fine when you test the movie, as long as ‘monkey.swf’ is in the same folder as the MainMovie loading it into its form.
UNTIL, that is, you put the MainMovie into a browser:

Now, even though all your .swf’s are in the same place, if your html file
isn’t in that same place too, your content will not be found.

It probably seems like a minor pain in the *** to many, but to me, dreamweaver just bit the dust.

ok here’s me question #2:
if you are an intermediate or above actionscripter who’s been designing stuff for let’s say 2 or more years, are you using Forms? :slight_smile:
just thirsty for input