I think I already know the answer to this question

…but it’s worth a shot.

Two questions:

  1. Is there any way to do an L-Shaped presentation in flash, then put it in to an L-Shaped table?

  2. Why the hell not? What is it with humans and boxes? I want a triangular house!

I am not sure either. Personally, I would like to live in a sexagon shaped house with valor mirrored windows to block berillium rays. But I live in a cube. Doh


(Sorry, I put this under the wrong topic before.)

I want to make a navigation bar/logo/ad bar where there’s little lines bouncing around in the background (looking kinda staticy - I ripped the idea off of a Kirupa telltarget tutorial, I admit), but I also want it so that when you put the mouse on the navigation bar/logo/ad bar the lines tend to center mostly around your cursor. Easy enough - a little action script, but nothing I can’t handle.

The problem (which I’ve just realised will be really hard to explain) is with the logo/ad bar. I need to make is so that when you put the mouse up there the lines still ten to center mostly around your cursor and it doesn’t look like they’re two different animations with abrupt stops in the continuity.

I thought just occured. I’ve never actually tried this - can I make it so that if I put the mouse next to the flash animation it responds anyway? I could get past it that way - it would just be annoyingly hard and time consuming.

Yeah, well, there’s a magical FLA by Mike Kellogg on Ultrashock.com (beware, 10 Megs a click 0] ). Something called Action based or I don’t know what. It’s basically a matrix with points that get distorted when you get close to them.
About the Actionscript.org tutorial pj mentionned, I have it, I can send it to you. Much simpler (this has got to be wrong) though. Hence less beautiful.


That would be excellent.

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good question LA… I’ve been looking for a way of doing that myself. Simple things shouldn’t be too tough… that would just be a matter of having one flash player communicate with the other (if you made it with two.)… but that complex stuff is boggling to the mind enough on it’s own, without having to figure out how to move it from player to player.

IF, one were to have a site that would only be viewable on IE, then you could use a transparent layer, with a single L shaped movie… but I don’t think that this is what you were going for, or ideal for maximum viewership.