i would like to know how sites make those really kool navigation bars were, for example, if you place your cursor on the right side of the navigation, all the items go to the right, if you put your cursor on the left side, the items move to the left side, and then as the cursor moves farther to one side, the items move faster, but when you place the cursor in the middle of the navigation, the items dont move, ok this might be hard to explain but i hope whoever is reading can understand. if you don’t take a look at this site\r\r\r\rim talkin about the navigation they used on the top right of the movie, with all the other links, iv always wanted to know how to make something like that… i would really appreciate it if someone can teach me how to make something like that… sori if the message is too long… thanx again

me too =]

this might get you started.\r\rmake a movie that contains the menu items. name it menu.\r\rmake a movie of a vertical line.\r\rcenter these movies over each other.\r\rin the line movie put this:\r\ronClipEvent(enterFrame){\r with({\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp diff = (this._x - _root._xmouse)/4;\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp += diff;\r }\r}\r\rdoes the code make sense? the line movie doesn’t need to be a line, it just makes the principle a little clearer.\r\rthis is just the beginning, have fun with it!\r\rgood luck.

****… when i se4e you guys writing that code shtuff into the window here… my mind goes crazy… i would understand it if i knew what each part means… and how you could edit EACH part so that you get a dif effect thus teaching you what each part is BETTER… IMHO =]

thats awsome supprabeener, the method i use for achieving that effect takes up way more lines.

here is the run down with the comment tags included.\r\r//do everything inside of {} a number of times equal to your frame rate.\r** onClipEvent(enterFrame){\r//perform everything inside {} to the _root object called menu\r with({\r //set variable “diff” equal to, the _x location of this movie clip minus the _x location of the mouse, and divide that number by 4\r ** diff = (this._x - _root._xmouse)/4;\r //make the _x location of the _root object called “menu” equal to it’s current value plus the value of the variable “diff”\r ** += diff;**\r}\r}

supra and upuaut you are the best! where would inspiration be without your guys!

I have to say that Supra has a fantastic eye for this stuff. I’ve learned a lot reading that person’s posts.

ah well… thanks for trying… i think its my time to hang up my flashing shoes… i cant seem to grasp anything unless i can SEE every little part in action… and that isnt learning its copying… =[

aww, you guys make me blush…\r\riCu MeHoo, this line is the key:\r\rdiff = (this._x - _root._xmouse)/4;\r\ryou see that when your mouse is right on the line that the movie stops? can you see why that is? “this” is referring to the line movie. so if the line’s x position (this._x) is the same as the mouse’s x position (_root._xmouse), then the brackets will evaluate to zero. divided by four is still zero, so diff equals zero. and when you add diff to the menu’s x position (;), the menu’s _x position remains the same, ie. it doesn’t move.\r\rtry changing the 4 to a different number and observe the effects. try adding 50, subtracting 50:\r\rdiff = (this._x - _root._xmouse)/10 + 50;\r\rtry this for more clarification: name the line movie “line”. put a dynamic text box on the stage, and for the variable write “line.diff”. now that text box will show you how far the menu movie is moving each frame.\r\rcut and paste code into flash before trying to decipher it, the coloured syntax is really helpful.\r\rflash is a great way to learn to code precisely because you * can* see it in action, you get immediate visual feedback.\r\ri also happen to think that copying is a great way to learn. : )\r\rkeep trying, this is not that difficult, it just needs warming up to.\r\rand download the second from top (Cool something mon blabla), it is the fla for what you want.\rSo now you got the visual part and the code, ya should try to work tru it to understand the technique.

THAT is what i am looking for… a visual aid… you guys type all that stuff and it throwd my dyslexia a loop =[ i’m sorry i am trouble… but i think i want to learn flash through my disability… it takes me 30 minutes to type something this small because i gotta go ever it twenty times =[ \r\ri will definitely download that file and try it all out…

Ahh that can be a problem… I’d say that copy and paste is more than just copying to you, it’s a nessecity. If you copy other people’s code it’s going to be pretty close to being correct.\rAs for the entire aspect of copy and paste…How do you think these people do it…create code and stuff. Most web designers don’t write all their javascript from scratch, they keep libraries of code around from all sources, just so that they can copy and paste into new projects. Part of it is time saving, but more importantly, most programers learned how to do what they do by the method - copy-paste-change-test.\r\rAll I’m saying is… don’t sweat it if you’ve got to do some copying and pasting. We all do it. (or any programer worth his salt at least. :slight_smile: )

hey kirupa, or anyone willing, i was wondering if you could make a tutorial on this (navigation) thing, cuz iv downloaded all these .fla’s n stuff but i can’t seem to get it right, if it wer step by step, i think it would be better for me and everyone else interested… im sure im not the only one whos interested in this navigation method… so if anyone could make one, i’d appreciate it tons… thanx

I might write one soon. On how to make an expandable menu with in something like this.

that would be great Vts… thanks alot… i havent been able to find any good tutorials on it… iv tried what everyone has suggested in this topic but i still havent been able to figure it out… you might say im somewhat like Ice MehoO :slight_smile:

that would be great Vts… thanks alot… i havent been able to find any good tutorials on it… iv tried what everyone has suggested in this topic but i still havent been able to figure it out… you might say im somewhat like Ice MehoO :slight_smile:

noooooooooooooo… noone is like me… i pray that u are WAY different than myself =]\r\rfor your sake anyways

so MeHoo did you download that file? did it work for you? because i can get it figured out… im so bad at this…

sorry bro not yet… i had some global illumination problems to deal with in 3d land =] FUKIN CAUSTICS DONT WERK FOR ME. =] basically when u look at a glass with water and light coming through ir it looks all kewl and gives off some kewl refractions THROUGH the water… and onto the table/desk/etc… and it can be done… buuut not by me obviously =]