I think my layout it´s complete!

check it out

right here!

opinions opinions! thanks!

Love the site, and I agree more 3d your really good at it!

One small point the loading text above the loading bar when the site is first loaded should be embedded, as it’s showing up really bad.

keep us updated


ok, thanks guys! and if someone else have a suggestion, let me know

Hey berko!!

Wow, looks good dude :slight_smile:

nice interactivity and a nice overall feel to the site. now all you need is some content to fill this baby up!.

:: couple of things though i’m not too sure about that logo smilie face, it seems too large to me, takes up valuable information space, you could have your sections larger as well, you have some space on the left of your menu to allow the content to be a little larger.

but its a overall major inprovement to what you had previously, its been nice to see if evolve.


Thanks soulty! I change the face and everytime u rollover it in every section it explains a little about each one, what do u think, should I leave it or not???