I want a button to activate the sight of a Text box, and I dno how because im stupid

Guys, The .fla that im talking about is downloadable off this and I think its helpful to see what Im talking about.

There are some buttons down the left in a menu bar, the actual button being the coloured square behind the text. Anyway, there is a dark green area in the centre of the field, and when the button is pressed, I want to fade in some text into that area. But, when I press a different button, then I want to be able to load some different text in the same area. I know this is probably simple, but im not action script fluent and I couldn’t find anything about activating texts in the forums. Not being picky, but is it possible to do it with static text?

Please help,

(The buttons I am talking about are in folder ‘Side Bar’, and prieviewing the page will come up with errors because there are sounds and text commands that arent there.)