I want to do a dynamic button..please!

hello, sorry, but im stupid… i need, to do a button, and when a put the mouse down, animate, another part of the flash. Can i do that with Actionscript?, and how can i do it?\rThanx people.\ri hope that u can help me.\rJulio. :wink:

look, my swf!! i have it in a URL, well, i’m gonna explain, when i put the mouse over the square, an “Y” appear, but, this “Y” have a movement in 3D, with swift 3d. and when i pass the mouse, nothing happens. and theorically, the “Y” it have to start the rotation in 3d. :expressionless: i don’t understand, how can i do it.\r\rwww.bolivarenses.com/pers…/menu.html