I want to learn how to use Macromedia FLash

Please someone teach me how to make movies using Flash MX 2004. Talk to me at [email protected] thats my MSN messager e-mail if you have msn can can help me ad me to your list.

that’s not very helpful, why don’t you go look at some tutorials on this site and then ask again on a specific thing you’re having trouble with.

what the jerk said ^^^

:stuck_out_tongue: meany head

Ok what i need help with making a video animated. Heres what i want to make i want to make that a man with a red cape and a sword comes up to a green blob cuts it in half it explodes and he explodes but first i just want to make a simple one that its that a dude with white skin adn black hair goes up to someone says hello and then his head is blown up by someone who comes up to him by his side.

try this: http://kirupa.com/developer/mx/cartoon.htm

i dont want to sound rude or anything, but this member-cesarf, is sounding alot like an 11 year old. :slight_smile:

So what if he sounds like an 11 year old? I think it’s cool that kids are starting younger and younger on advanced programs such as flash… :frowning: sorry If I sound rude but hey!


I started flash when I was eleven and didn’t know where to start either, give him time and he’ll get good :slight_smile:

question is, is he really an 11-year old kid? :slight_smile: maybe he is just learning english as well. who knows, maybe he is RUSSIAN or FRENCH :slight_smile: