I went off the road

Well, i was coming home from my friends house dound the speed limit. I was coming up upon a slight curve in the road, slowed down, and continued with the road. The next thing my car is spinning out of control. With a total of 2 complete spins, it ended up with my car stuck in a huge snow mound backwards on the opposite side of the street. By this time i was in a panic. When i was in the spins, i really dont remember to much of that but all i can say is wow.

Once i got out of my car to look for any damage, there was a utitlity pole no more than 5 inches from my car.

I really think that someone was there watchin over me, because there were no cars coming when it happened, i am alive, and no damage. It could of turned into a deadly situtation easily if there was a car coming.

the good thing is, i can still see my 18th b-day and live to tell the story.:beam: