I will pay flashers

i want to make a title in flash for my cousins site, i can use flash, but i NEVER like my own work?

i need to pay someone to make a title for the site, who would be willing? and it has to be small in size no huge download time please. simple but nice.

email me if you are interested to:
[email protected]

i’ll gladely do it. just tell me what u want.

[email protected]

AIM: crazy flash pie

I wouldn’t mind the job! And I am not a money digger I flash for fun!

e-mail: [email protected]


hey fa*%$@ how did you reply before me!!!

woah, lol. i replied first!

Forget about them- I’ll do it better! jk they r 100X better than me

me can flash too!
how money talk?

i was BEST SITE of the week on www.kirupa.com a few weeks ago!

[email protected]

you got mail


oh yeah Vts… steal the bread from our mouths. I think we should have a bidding war. Muhahahaha just kidding… if you want it Vts take it. If you need help, you know you can always ask me. I’m good at optimizing for file size remember. :slight_smile:

ohh and what the hell kind of language usage is “faggot”? Can we try to keep insults on at least a semi PC level? :slight_smile:

lol if any of you really really want it u can have it i was just messing around lol. :slight_smile:

[email protected] u got mail then, and anyone who wants to email me, do it. i need this done soon.

[email protected]

this is edwin by the way jabez662 WTF is your problem!? stop typing cuss words. Or i will have you banned from this board. this is my only warning since you have already done 2 stupid things. you made a topic about hacked programs and you just cussed out Upuaut, who is an extremly helpful part of this board.

His original post was deleted by me, edwin.

but anyway…il do it :slight_smile:

[email protected]

(bit late but ya know)

Ill do it but it will be evil as Hell… … but maybe you will like it… … I have plenty of time also … so feel free to e-mail…



sorry guys, i already took the job and finished the 2 projects.

too cool… when do we get to see them? did you make enough to afford DSL yet? :lol: .

(ps, thanks for sticking up for me… wish I’d seen what the little chain yanker had writen… ah well, I’ll deal…)

catch me on AIM and i’ll show you. oh and the guys mesasge was stupid he just pretty much cussed you out for no good reason.