Ideas for a new xml driven swf

Ok, so Im new to AS3 - but Ive already gotten a pretty good handle on XML/AS3. I have built a few movies that pull in content from xml and place it via actionscript on the stage.

So I have a new idea for a flash movie, but Im having trouble getting my head wrapped around how to do it. So I wanted to post it here and see what people think.

Basically, I want to pull in an xml feed and create an instance of a movieclip from the library on the stage for each node. Each MC will hold the content from that particular node. These MC’s will be set to a timer, and every 5 seconds, the next MC will load. Ok, that part is easy and I have figured that out.

The next piece is animating how they appear on the screen. I want them all to move in from the bottom. So the first one appears, after 5 seconds it moves up off the screen and the second one moves up on the the stage, and so forth. How hard would that be to do? I figured I could use event listeners and timers, Anyone have any example code?

Please let me know