Automatic slide show from XML

i have a flash movie of one frame with forward and back buttons that load images and text from an xml file (created from a excel database). as an option i would like the movie to run automatically – changing the image and text every 10 seconds or so. is there a simple way to do this? getTimer function?

You could do it this way, make a Movie Clip and every x frames, whatever 10 seconds is on your timeline add a loadMovie() function and load the external swf’s (which would be a movie of your picture and text every 10 seconds.

When it gets to the frame you want 10 seconds later, unload movie pic 1 and load movie pic 2. Keep doing this until you go through all your pics.

Then on the last frame put a go to frame 1 command and start the process all over.

this is just an alternative method…good luck! JesseH

thanks for taking the time.

that technique would work if i had multiple frames… but my movie has only one frame… the nodes (image and text) from the xml all load into movieclips in different layers in the first frame.