Really cool animations.

I’m not a great fan of the style, but their use of 3d and animations is impressive - also surprisingly quick to load.

I know this guy :stuck_out_tongue: He went to my school :slight_smile:

hehe…nice site

it’s alright. I hate the intro though.

****, that intro was long. and matrix quotes? :td:

intro…sh/it!! sooo long…fcuk!

not quite my style, but it’s kinda cool, nice colors, and fast loading :wink:

Yeh it like the animations more or less. Not my style either but its was good. I chose skip intro so I ddnt see that intro, i wouldnt want to anyway, on 56k.

uh hem, its alright.

I want to live in another country just like that guy so I can quote from movies without citing sources, or hell use nearly every song off a crystal method CD and not have to pay any sort of royalty.

Anyone seen 2advanced reel called 25 milligrams? Well it looks like they were a little inspired from the guys @ 2A.

its always down to 2ad isnt it?

For most rippers, yes.

dont ya’ll think the quotes in the intro were a bit cheesy?