Chew on this

Take a look a t this site.

How in hell did this become so smooth. Is it the framrate or what? Is this all done in flash or what? Enlighten me on haw to become this good:)

PS. the entry code is 11 then you will see the real site:)

nice site…

BTW, I used pin 15…

it worked…

amazing, especially when you consider his age…

makes me feel old…


I reckon that’s got to be a very, very high frame rate. Otherwise the movement would be all jerky.

I like the cunningly perverted logo.
I wonder if the music was licenced though, I would guess not.

I really want to disect this site and find out what makes it tick. Also the whole site has a lot of the feel of 2advancd work. He lives in the right area think he works for them or just learned there style?

i dont think the music in the intro was licensed but it seems that the stuff in his audio page was most likely made by him. that site is ■■■■ impressive, and it depresses me to know that there is a whole new younger generation that will always have the upper hand on us elders…

'Tis true, they may be more talented than us…

BUT, if we were at war, we’d still be bigger, stronger and more able to kick their ass :stuck_out_tongue:

The music in the intro was made by Prodigy.

Ya but then he added a buch fo movie quotes that sounded awsome. I wlaso like the the sercret wepon theme he went with. Other than a very usless login screen I loved this site. :slight_smile:

It is awesome… and I figured out that anything that starts with 1 lets you in (10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 , 19)

Well, the intro music and the background music on the audio page are comercial releases anyway, I guess the other tracks might be home-made.

LOL, i just entered 3 zero’s and it worked, sintax, that website is really cool, but if u tried to emphase what had he use to get this website done, it would look like:

>>Actionscipt offcourse
>>Some Masking



I actully want to say there is’nt something special, someone can design exactly the same website or even cooler.

@Rev: Dun worry dude, you will find out how to do those stuff later! :stuck_out_tongue:



Harsh, dude…

especially for someone without a page to brag about…

I’m not saying you aren’t talented, but you have to admit that this kid (your age) has produced a great looking website.

Also, a website does not have to be extremely advanced to be an impressive, pleasing website.

Your statement about what it took to create the site could fit just about any website around…

I don’t mean to offend, and if you have a site, please post it, I would love to see your work.


I agree Rev, Actinoscript and Masking just about includes almost every Flash page in the world.

It isn’t what is used, it is how it is used that is impressive.

I could only enter 2 digits h88, how did you enter 3 0’s?

Nice site. Just don’t like the whole initial console idea for the login. :slight_smile: Mayby I’ll redo mine again soon.

My problem is that I don’t know how the tweening is so smooth (not just this site, many others).


i entered 3 zeros after the page was opened already with 2 digits, i did’nt try it again though.

I tested… double 0’s works too.

*Originally posted by reverendflash *
**I don’t mean to offend, and if you have a site, please post it, I would love to see your work.

Rev:elderly: **


I was sure ur going to say that, anyways, am designing my own website, but i can’t get it finished cuz am really busy with forums and school tests. Dun worry, i’ll be posting my website here laters.


h88 -

no worries.

It just sounded like you were minimalizing a nicely done site. Also, your statement @Rev sounded to me very condescending. I inquired nothing about the method whatsoever. You also had just bagged on a guy for critiquing sintax’s site with having a lame site himself…

Again, no worries, but be careful assuming how much another person knows, and especially making statements about them. That is how flame wars get started.


My problem is that I don’t know how the tweening is so smooth (not just this site, many others).

Increase the framerate to 24 or above. It defaults to 12 in Flash. Problem solved…