my email is [email protected] :wink: good luck to everyone else! :wink:

looked at your site :slight_smile: comented on it in another forum hehe:-\ oh well looks good, like how youve integrated your sketches into the design of the site…:slight_smile:

Thanks on your comments Bezzer! well this might be the last chance I get to do a flash website cause I am going to study LAW!!! :S …well I wanted to make something speciall as a good bye! :wink: I hope everybody else likes it! :wink:

KIRUPA: Your footer was causing post to freeze :frowning:

great site, i personally like things that are different and original, that takes the cake alright

It’s nice, I like the artwork and all, but the magnifying glass of the main page doesn’t bring anything I think, it just makes everything confusing (it makes the navigation difficult to see).

pom :asian:

Man i just loved that… beautiful site…

All I’ve been thinking about lately is pixel-art for my site… I need to think of a design… Hate designers-block…

anyway, this made me think otherwise… nice work…