Ie 6 + flash load problem

Hi All

I am working on a flash site here is the dummy url for the site

Now the problem which arousing here is that the site is working fine in ff , netscape and all browsers ( expect ie 6)

The loading time is perfect in all the browsers it get properly load on firefox and all ( remaining ie 6)

The basic functionality is i have called all the files with one base platform so there are around 30 main links files & around 50 sub menus files .

But it not working fine in ie 6 . there is some weird problem is occuring once the page get loads on ie 6 . there is a huge jerk when it loads for the first time in ie6 . the load script is working fine for remaining browsers but not for ie 6 .

The page does not load properly on ie 6 and if it get load there are lots of hiccups sumtimes the page comes so slow .

The files that i have called are all under 600kb and just 2 or 3 files are 1.23 mb .

Please help as the project is all done and it the major problem. with ie

Thanx in advance

Rohit Yog