If I see one more

“Filling up” preloader I’m just going to ****ing throw my laptop out the window :smiley:

Has anyone else tired of them? :slight_smile:

Hmm, do you have an example of a filling up preloader? I’m currently writing an AS3 preloader tutorial, and I want to make sure that I am (I mean…I am not :evil: ) using a “filling up” example as part of the explanation!

When I saw rumblesushi’s post, I imagined one of those preloaders where there is some fake-looking water rising to the top of a box that represents the load progress.

I don’t think that those are that common, though, as I just looked through a 3 page list of Flash sites that I used to like and didn’t find any, and I can only remember seeing them a few times.

Filling up preloaders can range from block of letters filling up in colors, to the whole fake water thing etc. They are pretty common, but a preloader certainly shouldn’t be the main focus on a website. They’re simply to say hey I’m not stuck and you should see something soon. A really overused and common preloader is the apple loader used in most ajax based components. I’ve also noticed it a lot in Flash sites over the past year or so.

I always thought 2Advanced had some cool preloaders. I like the running text box effect that moves along with the loader bar. Simple and effective.

So you would rather just sit there staring at a site waiting to load and not know it?

Kirupa, haha - yes you better :smiley:

I’ll find an example, but they do seem to be very common, you’ll know it when you see it.

It’s commonly a logo or text that’s a mask over a block of colour, the block of colour rises beneath it to mark the progress, from bottom to top, hence filling up.

It’s not even like I think they look dreadful, more they just seem to be very, very overused right now :slight_smile:

ah, how I wish you had said:
**If I see one more Coverflow (with reflection) I’m just going to **ing throw my laptop out the window

[quote=Dom_;2328394]ah, how I wish you had said:
**If I see one more Coverflow (with reflection) I’m just going to **ing throw my laptop out the window[/quote]
That’ll be the next tutorial on this site…followed by how to create those floating Flash banner ads that overlay on top of your content. If there is enough interest, I’ll also write one for beginners on how to create a loop that simply calls a new URL and launches a new window in the process.


I’ll watch the following preloader while I’m waiting for those tutorials!

On a serious point…can you also do a tutorial on how to create a splash screen? Oh, and it would be really useful to provide something that checks for the existence of the Flash Player. I’m sure that one which checks for Flash version 5.1082 (and ONLY that version) would be welcomed by everyone.

As long as I don’t have to look as another flash carousel again, I’ll die a happy man.


The site YOU are a moderator on, has it :D:D:D

As for an example, this:

And also made just for you:

[ot]awesome! when is the ETA? i’m having the hardest time figuring out how i should preload my site. [/ot]

Isn’t there better reasons to destroy a perfectly good laptop? Before you pitch it out the window please consider I will gladly take it off your hands and give you a substitute that no longer works to throw.