If someone could take a look at my Issue :)

www.th3cleaner.com\r\rilyaslamasse was helping me with this before.\rSee where it says Click and Drag, is there a way to make the solid plain stay and just the wheel rotate?\r\rI dont have time to work on this every day, so I will edit and play around when avail, but I do monitor the boards and read posts :slight_smile: (while at work)\r\rThanks:\rWhat I really want to happen, and this may be a challange is that when you click a button in the Nav Menu, the Cart_MC\rswishes Left and then back right, when it returns to the right it draws a New content area, But getting those damm wheels to turn with a mouse over is my biggest hurdle ATM…\r\rThanks Again.\rAny insight on this would be cool.

Put the 2 things on different layers, as 2 movie clips inside a big movie clip, and then animate only the wheel.\rThat should work.\rpom 0]

They are on 2 differnt Layers, and they are both in one parent movie clip. <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/ohwell.gif ALT=":">

Just put the rotating code to the wheel movie, not the parent movie. Are you doing that already ??\rp0m 0]

Thanks for the Help ilyaslamasse\rI will try several versions and post them.