If you created a KIRUPA profile, what kind of features would you like to see?

Hi everyone - one of the items I am fiddling with is creating the ability for anybody to freely register on the main site with their Google, FB,
Twitter, or email IDs and have an account.

What I would like to provide registered users with is the ability to:

  1. Bookmark articles for viewing later
  2. Liking articles
  3. ???
  4. ???

Are there other things you all think would be worth adding? The goal of this is not to overlap with functionality found on the forums.



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  1. Profit!!
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Hahaha! I wish there was a way to do that :crazy_face:

A large motivation for this is for me to put my renewed interest in Firebase into something real haha.

IDK I’m reluctant to say this… :sweat_smile:… I go to quite a few meetups (FP, front end, rust, cloud) and it’s nice to be able to chat face to face but some of them also have a discord/ slack whatever.
Even twitch coders are fun to watch if the topic is interesting…
I just think it would be cool to have a live chat sidebar… even a hangouts sidebar… so maybe you could jump on a video chat if other people were inclined… see what other people are working on… see some cool stuff…
Just a thought… :slightly_smiling_face:


A live chat sidebar does sound like a fun thing! The site had that at some point many years ago, and it was a hit. Great suggestion :cup_with_straw:


Will the live chat be like the old Red Universe Chat with crazy rag doll physics, etc., :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Since I’m going to be doing all of this development live, you can see how this all will work by starting off here and signing-in: https://www.kirupa.com/coolness/you.htm

If the authentication worked, you’ll see your Google profile image appear:

No idea on what appears when you register just using your e-mail address :slight_smile:

Probably just grabs a random AI face. :laughing:

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Added Github, Twitter, and Facebook authentication methods! Some of this is far more tricky than I expected :crazy_face:

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This is just a nice to have… :slightly_smiling_face:
It would be nice to have a ‘scroll to last post’ button for the 20+ post threads… :slightly_smiling_face: and even an A2HS option so you could open up and stay logged in. I can stay logged in on the laptop (firefox) but the on mobile I cant (iphone/ safari).

My niche request would be a way to associate my account with the (now outdated) ActionScript tutorials I wrote on the site.


That is a great idea!

Here is my extremely slow progress on this: https://www.kirupa.com/coolness/you.htm

You can now log-in and log-out! Yay.