If you're listening to music

what song are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to Get Busy, Sean Paul

kids and heroes - the bouncing souls

never heard of 'em drop kick

now I’m listening to swollen members, breathe

“i fought the law” green day :smiley:

just a side note, if you ever see me online and i am away, thats what i am currently listeing to :smiley: just a side note, its a cool thing i found fro the mac.

I’m listening to a song by a band I’m making a music video for at the mo, you won’t have heard of them

  • Soul :s:

Hoobstank: Track 04

Some Thrice song currently,
next it’s going to a Jackson 5 cover by Steel Train :slight_smile: :love:

…Ronny Jordan // (In) The Limelight…

love my acid jazz. :love:

Massachusetts - Bee Gees :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Black Betty - Ram Jam :thumb:

Warning- Greenday

Seeing Things - The Black Crowes

Made for TV Movies - Incubus

Outhere Brothers - Don’t Stop

A classic :s:

Hey John! You live scarily near me! :thumb:

Sould i will be in Yorkshire soon! (Well for my spring break in March) maybe we could meet?

@Kit, dan : i will be staying in London, let me know :wink:

@ soul

nice! :slight_smile: where would that be may I ask?!?

JayZ - Change Clothes :whistle:

Avril Lavigne- Nobody’s fool lol

lol sen I used to love the black crowes when I was young. Then I got a haircut

Hehe, had to post again,

Amish Paradise- Weird Al