iFrame/Javascript menu issue with Fire Fox

Hello, I have a website that has useful links on it, but the user has the option to make their own webpage. Now, I have a javascript dropdown menu for navigation purposes, and on the main page the javascript menu is right on the page, but the user created pages I have the drop down menu in an iFrame so that if I needed to update something on the menu I can update the iFrame and the changes take place on every user created page.

Here is the main page:

Here is a user created page:

The problem is that for Fire Fox (all versions) on the user created pages the drop down menu does not appear. It is just plain text. This works fine in IE and Chrome, but it does not work in Fire Fox. I don’t know if it has to do with the javascript or if it is the iFrame. I’m assuming it is the iFrame, because the main page’s javascript shows up fine in Fire Fox.

If you don’t have Fire Fox to test it out take a look here for screenshots of what I am talking about.

I understand that it wouldn’t work in the older browsers because they might not support iFrames, but the newest version of Fire Fox? Something isn’t right and I don’t know if it my code or if it is a bug in Fire Fox.