Illustrator Experts Please Help?

Racking my brain. I know there is either a function in AI or a plugin that may do this.

I made a “petal” of a flower and I want to be able to repeat it so that it becomes a full circle or flower. Sure I can just do it manually if the flower has 8 petals, but what if I wanted 100? Or perhaps make a second row around it automatically?

Is there a way?

Thanks in advance.

It’s always tricky duplicating more than 1 transform at a time, so:
Get the rotate tool, and drag the petal’s center point to the corner (center of the flower). Hold option (apple keyboard for duplicate), then drag a little to rotate it.
Then hit Comand-D, Comand-D, Comand-D, etc, to keep duplicating both the petal AND it’s related rotation.

It’s pretty tricky the first zillion times.

lol @ jimhere

jimhere is on the spot, you could also make a sprite and apply that sprite to a curve, but thats sometimes to much playing around to get right.

Got THE answer from a bud!!
Makes it way easy!!!

figure out how many petals you want and divide 360 by that number
choose the rotate tool and Alt-click where you want the center of the flower
enter the number you got when you divided, and check off “copy” (enter)
keep hitting Ctrl-D (to duplicate) for the number of petals you wanted

He meant click on COPY, not check off.

Hope that helps others too. :slight_smile:

Control-D, Command-D, it’s all good.