Illustrator Seeking Opinions

I am in the process of learning Flash and have gotten fairly far with it. I have been illustrating and creating vector images for some time now, and would be interested in creating illustrations for other projects. I am able to draw most any style of illustration depending on the needs of the project. I spent the last year working at, but have recently left in order to pursue work/education that is more animation/interactive oriented. I also can create suitable soundtracks/loops for most any project. I have nearly 9 years experience as a techno dj/producer, and have DJ’d with such talent as Deepsky 2000, Kimball Collins, Richard “Humpty” Vision, and many others. I apologize for the length of this post, but if you have a project that needs custom illustrations or music at a reasonable price then please contact me for a quote:

Jeremy Dickinson
The Underground Vault
[email protected]

Well it’s almost spam… but at least you’ve got some real talent under your belt… If I hear of anyone looking I’ll be sure to point him to this thread. Though I think that the title of the thread should be, “Illustrator seeking work”. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you sir. I wish I had your experience.

I guess your right, although I truthfully didn’t think of it like that as i wrote it. I really meant it more as “do you think this is a good idea.” As i continue to learn Flash i am realizing how necessary it is to have your objects already created, before you begin the project, and started wondering where the majority of Flash designers get there material. If it needs to be removed, no hard feelings.

Thanks for the help and the compliment, i appreciate it.

no, not at all… we’re pretty leinient with what we allow up. Not that it will probably stay near the top for long. If you like, after a couple days I’ll move it to the random section… it might actually get more looks there.

As for material… I end up having to make all mine from scratch… you would definitely be a good resource for a professional who doesn’t have that kind of time.

I appreciate the advice, and if you think that would be better then feel free to do it.