Illustrator will not save

A few days ago, when I tried to save my work in Illustrator CS, an unknown error showed up. My work got lost, and now I can’t save my projects anymore.

Does anybody know what I can do to fix this?

are you saying you cant save other documents?

I"m Having the exact same problem. I can export to eps, but i cant save any new files or any changes i make to old ones. I recently installed a trial version of premier pro, but that is the only change to my system that i’ve made recently.

my friend and I just encountered the same problem a day or so ago, but it started working again randomly. I don’t know how to fix it, sorry :frowning:

ostekjeks, are you still having the same problem? Cuz I am, and i’m getting desperate here. Stupid CS. I can’t wait to get my mac, I hate PCs.

never had this problems guys so i wouldnt know, it sounds like a “warez” protection but dont quote me on that. I would suggest try going to adobe support forums and see if this is common.

actually I saw on the adobe forums that there was a file that gets corrupted on the older builds of AI. You may want to look around ther or call adobe. They are very good at resolving problems. But your AI has to be registered.

Small version upgrades you can get from them too… buuuuutttttt… the only problem w/ them is, if you have an illegal version of any of the new CS programs, it’ll shut them down. It’s only 1g for the whole suite… you know… pocket change.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling them.

I already tried uninstalling and installing, but i’ll try calling them since i’m fortunate enough to have a real copy of cs suite.

honestly watergun that should have been your first move. Problem would have been solved in minutes.