Im a newbie, but I really want to do this

Hi, I am trying to create a menu like the one on the spider-man site…

click on enter site
click on skip intro

The menu that is on the bottom. I love how it stays in place until you move your cursor from side to side. I am trying to do that and can’t seem to figure it out. I want to beable to position my cursor anywhere on my horizontal menu and have it move exactly the same as what you see. Then when I want to click on something it will stop at that position where my cursor stops. My menu is divided in different sections like the spiderman one, but instead of the text, it’s little links…get it?? Can anyone help me?? Or maybe know of a tutorial that is somewhat like it? I found one but the menu was in constant movement. I want mine to stay still until the cursor moves. Thanks!

Jill:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’d like to see the tutorial/code for this one too if anyone has it!!

I thought I had one but it turned out to be your basic scroller, bummer!!

I dig how it doesn’t keep sliding and it’s slightly “magnetized” to your mouse, comes across much more professional.

Anyway, just thought I’d ad SOMETHING to this thread…albeit my 2 cents!! Worth about that much too…



I worked an effect like that out all by myself months ago :slight_smile:
(I was gonna put it on my homepage but…)
Make the “menu” a movieclip and inside it put buttons += (((_root._xmouse)*-1);

menu is the menu-thingy you want to scroll.
“/4” at the end is the smoothement (the higher the number, the smoother it is)
you may want to change the “-1” to “-0.95” or sumthin’ like that like I did… cuz it didn’t move like it was supposed to…
You may also want to put restrictions on it like I did!

If ( >=100) { = 100;
If( <= 0) { = 0;

…or sumthin’ like that…
and if ya don’t want it to be scrolling unless you put your cursor on it try this:

if((_root._ymouse <= 200) and (_root._ymouse >= 150)) {
<movement restriction-code here>
} =
note: if it doesn’t work or moves jerky try changing that “_root” in front of the “menu” in the code…
all these actions should be put in onClipEvent(enterFrame) or a 2-frame loop
well… you got the idea… :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!! I will try it!

could you please put up an .fla?

I’m only a Friends of ED newbie here but I understand what the script does, unfortunately I’m still struggling with building concepts and I can’t see why this won’t scroll at all!!

I’ve got this code attached to the mc with buttons in it:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) { += (((_root._xmouse)*-1);
If(>=100); = 100;
If(<=0); = 0;
if ((_root._ymouse<=200) and (_root._ymouse>=150)) {

I tried dumping the ‘_root’ path and nothing…syntax is correct, what’s missing?


I am still trying to get mine to work with the code that was given, and I am probably doing something wrong. I can’t get mine to move at all…I will keep trying though! A flash file would be wonderful if you have one! Thanks!!

HipSoul that code you gave is strange…
It should be like this:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
**if ((_root._ymouse<=200) and (_root._ymouse>=150)) {** += (((_root._xmouse)*-1);
**if**(>=100) **{** = 100;
**if**(<=0) **{** = 0;

I’ve attached the fla file.


glad I could help :slight_smile:

Hey Syko,

Nice work on this one. Your .fla works perfectly.
Very handy…thanks.