Scrolling menu

hi, i just want to know if anybody knows how to create one of those scrolling menu, when your mouse move further to the right, the menu scrolls to the left, and vice versa. until your mouse moves closer to the center, then the menu slows down. if nobody knows what i’m talking about, there’s a perfect similar example in the gallery section of

and there are hoards of scrolling menu of everytype on this site

really appreciate if anybody can help me out with this! thanx

use the mouse position and find its relation to the clip you need to move/scroll. a variable i’ve arbitrarily named “diff”

diff = _root._xmouse - _root.MCscroll._x;

move the movie some factor of the diff

_root.MCscroll += diff/5;

that’s very brief, but should get you on the right track.

anyone care to expound? or reference a suitable tutorial?

thanks suprabeener, even i know very simple actionscripting i’ll try to incorporate the info you gave me