I'm Back!

Hey everyone, i’ve been away from the Kirupa Forums for a while now, and I am just posting this to say hi again…I’M BACK!!!

Shout Out to ReverendFlash, ElectronGeek, Lostinbeta, 350z, and anyone else who has helped me learn Flash :slight_smile:

uhmmmm…Hi… who are you again?

u prolly dont remember me, i was in this forum a few months ago, but i got pulled toward another forum, so now i am back here again

oh… i see. welcome back to the light :wink:

Welcome Back…


HAHA, thats a funny hoola dancing thingy

rev, is that YOUR official welcome to “new” people? :stuck_out_tongue:

like EG’s colorful greets? :slight_smile:

we will see…

I don’t like to be predictable…



Sauce: Welcome back, I am glad you found the light again. Leaving us for another forum… shame on you :wink: lol.

Rev: Be unpredictable, those crazy images you always post are always unexpected which makes them even more funny.