I'm embarrassed. Preloader problem

Below is the basic code I’m using. I wind up reporting that gotoFrame = 50 (correct) but preloadbar._currentframe = 1 (should also = 50) Anyone see what I’m doing wrong? Thx!\rBASIC PROBLEM: Does not send me to “MainScene”, frame 1;\r\ronClipEvent(enterFrame) {\r percentloaded = root.getBytesLoaded() / root.getBytesTotal() * 100;\r gotoFrame = percentloaded / 2; // 50 frames in mc.\r if (percentloaded > 98) _ _ _ _ {\r _ _ _ gotoAndPlay(“MainScene”,1);\r } else {\r _ _ _ _root.preloadbar.gotoAndPlay(gotoFrame);\r }\r _root.warn = gotoFrame + ‘&’ +_root.preloadbar._currentframe;\r}\r\r\r(just edited it to get rid of the smiley emoticon)

Yeah looks like it should work… hmmmm\r\rI’m going to have to play around with that to know why it isn’t.

Found it!\r\rIf I’m correct, using gotoAndPlay with a scene name as a variable has to be run from _root, not within a mc. Pretty weird behavior if you ask me.

yes, weird. scenes are evil. don’t use scenes.\r\rmovieclips goood, scenes baaad.