Im frustrated

Hey its me again, im stuck here trying to figure how to jump from one frame a movie clip, rot menu, to a frame of another, main, through a button in rot menu, rot menu is a movie clip in symbol 1 which is in another (cant remeber) in main. from frame 1 of main i want the button to be pressed and it takes you frame 2 of main. im using a tellTarget code, which i think is wrong. If anyone can help me please let mw know. I can send you the *fla file by email if you wish
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thanks, munky

Please keep your questions to one thread
thanks :wink:

Also, try to be descriptive in your subject titles. It helps you not only get noticed more by having a clearly stated agenda, but it also serves the purpose of helping those searching for answers to their questions using the Forum’s search feature; its easier to tell if a thread relates to the search if the title reflects the contents within.