Im hurtin todady

:hangover: :hangover: :hangover: :hangover:

I went to the accoustic Staind show last night, and had a little too much of the sauce. I dint stop pounding beers untill 2 AM and had to be here at work at 8.

:hangover: :hangover: :hangover: :hangover:

Although I have to say, the show last night was amazing.

Sometimes its worth it. =0)

I dont drink, but I did go to the Blind Guardian show (first tour in the US ever, it rocked) didn’t get home untill about 3am and went to work the following day… I was sleepy all day, but it was so worth it. =0)


I’m dragging a little bit myself…

It’s okay though…the show was absolutely amazing…

I’ve been on a staind kick all day know–listening to excess baggage (hidden song) right now!!!

well I went to the Matrix Sneak Preivew last night and didnt get back till like 2:30am and have to work today for like 12 hours so I know what you guys are feeling. But you are right, sometimes it’s just worth it :slight_smile: