Im new.. lots of questions.. please read.. ty

i need alot of help, basically with everything flash related.
im not sure how to use flash, and the tutorials on this site dont really help me, mainly because A: i dont have flash or anything related and B: because im a noobeh to this sort of stuff… :slight_smile:

it shows you all these screens n stuff but what program is it… like what version of flash… where can i try it out…

anyone guide me in the right direction?

thanks, :thumb:

I beleive there are tuts for all the versions as for where you can try it out it is a program you can buy although i think there is a trial version on their site. If you do have it make sure you complete all the tuts that come in the help section of the program that way we will have an idea of what to do when you are doing the tutorials here.

im into making things abit more complicated… eg… i used javascript on my webpage… yeah it was cool and all… but it has limits, it can only do so much and all that, flash on the other hand, looks alot more interesting and i would like to at least try and learn it :slight_smile:

If you know javascript then actionscript shouldnt be a problem or is that what you are talking about. They way you put it in the question there are many answers what specifically do you want to learn?

i dont know how to write javascript, im only 16, and we had to make a webpage for school, so everyone is doing these little things and i have affects w/ javascript… it was only copy/paste the the code, but i knew how to change things…

i saw on here and kinda want to do something abit different, its like, you have a cube, and on each side, there is a link… menu… links… blah blah… and as you move your mouse around, the cube moves with it, thus showing all sides of the cubes menu… much more advanced than basic javascript, things like that

hope that helps abit

That would be accomplished by using actionscript which there really is no easy way to learn I would perhaps reccomend reading some books on it as well as tuts from the internet.

That’s no excuse! :beam:

You’ve started off good by coming here, now all you gotta do is get Flash, or a trial version. Once you have your Flash window open, all those tutorials will start making more sense…