I'm new

Hey all,

I’m verry n00b at flash mx, and i don’t know how it work’s at all. I hope you can learn me how to create a flash site. Ofcourse a woll site ask’s to much, But if any of you have any tips how to make an start.

thx allot, grtz charley

, bring some tips to begin a first page. Site subject: personal

Ive been doin flash for a while now and im still a novice the tips that i give u are

  1. try and do as many of the tutorials as you can on kirupa.com and if it has scripting on the tutorials make a copy on your hard drive so can make a new movie like the tutorials but to your own spec

  2. keep trying with it all its hard to learn from the start but once you get a feel for the program its easy

  3. start with the easy things like tweens etc then once you have familiarised yourself with it try stuff like morphing colour and shapes and when u use tweens tint the colour and stuff

  4. my last tip is if you ever need help just post on here we all try and help even me ad i aint a moderator or anything someone will know how to sort your problem

hope that helps u start your flash career off


ok tom verry thx!