I'm quitting my job

Our T1 provider went out of business. We are now running our entire office (its not that big, but still) through one AOL dialup connection. :!:

There’s no point in working here anymore. I QUIT! I mean its not like I can get high speed at home (nothing’s available faster than dialup) and now work … what gives?

I hope you are all not sharing one AOL dialup connection :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re quitting just because you lost the fast internet?

That’s awesome!

what kind of job is it? and are you using the internet connection right now?

lol, If I lost the internet at my job, I may quit… But i also get 3 meg service at home :o so… that blows sen :frowning:

what was your job?

Sen that’s awful!! And totally bogus! How do they expect you to get your work done? Can’t they find another T1 provider?

By the way I got a spam email today telling me that www.senocular.com wasn’t being utilized by search engines and did I want to do something about that? :stuck_out_tongue:


sen - what was job and why did they lose their connection?

and I mean couldn’t they hire more Mousewheel-O-Matic 5000s with optional rodent laborer?

that sucks, good luck finding a new job if you do quit :beer:

edit: has the beer smilie changed? I seem to remember the beer glass being bigger and the smile being smaller. I’m trying to convey a message of good luck with the smilie however it kind of looks mocking. I’m not going nuts am I, it has changed hasn’t it…

The smile has not changed…at all…:evil: It really hasn’t hehe.

To be honest it seems you’re nuts wheather you are right OR wrong…

Coolest reason I’ve ever heard :thumb:

haha ditto :thumb:


…hey wait a minute :huh:

aww now i cant call his work anymore lol… he lives close to me

Try waitering Senocular. I made $8000+ in 3 months waitering at home here this summer.

Pre-internet computer era was gloomy.

Deep respect to Sen for having the suckiest connection with the suckiest provider.

I’m sorry that you quit your job… but not having fast internet is just asking for people to quit. :lol:

There is no better felling than “sticking it to the MAN !”