:( - I'm the devil of questions!


Where is a tutorial on Masking?

Check this site, try and do that before you post here.


dbzfan33… it would be really great if you could give your threads better titles… “masking question” instead of the dramatic “I’m the devil of questions” or “Big Problem”. It would just help the right people get to you - youre going to get help regardless, no need for the drama =)

I agree with iceman. The solution to most of your problems can be found somewhere at www.kirupa.com so you should check there before you post. Otherwise you will more than likely get a link or someone just telling you to check the site.

Hehe yeah you should do that! check the site! use ur iniatitive and other stuff… you would have also gotten lots of tutorials on masking if u just typed it in on a search of some kind…