Image bug

I’m using hover captions and when i rollover the image (caption is to _alpha=0),the image is moving giving a sort of magnifying glass effect. See ths swf attached to see the problem. Any solution welcome !


any ideas ? i can’t see what could fix it

try caption visible = false :wink:
It does that effect because the flash knows that object is there.
For instance… if you had a button… with visible = false… you couldn’t even click it, but with _alpha=0 you can click it even if you don’t see it.

Ubik may have solved your problem,

I can’t view your file now, but the description of your problem, sounded kinda like this:

Hey, thanks for the replies guys !
Shifting was the word i ment. I tried _visible but didn’t change anything, so i read your thread prstudio, whole pixel didn’t change, so i followed macromedia’s advices, breaking the image apart did the trick !
Thanks for the link, it began to drive me crazy !