Image gallery problems

I have been playing around with the flash thunbnail gallery tutorial on this website. So far I have achieved my main objective of making the thumbnails vertical and having them scroll when you rollover the up or down buttons that i have added. However I have a number of problems which I don’t know how to fix (I am a complete novice at this, so please bear with me)

[]The first image in the thumbnail gallery loads too far down - it doesn’t load at the top of the mask - theres an empty space.
]When using the buttons, the gallery will keep on scrolling when there are no more thumbnails.
[]The original gallery (from this site) scrolled the thumbnails by placing the mouse at either end of the thumbnail gallery - as im using buttons instead, i no longer have any use for this function. However I haven’t been able to get rid of the code for this, without losing all the thumbnails.
]Lastly, I would like to have two columns of vertical thumbnails instead of one.
[/list]I would be very grateful if someone could help me out. As i’ve mentioned i’m totally new to this.