Image (looping?)

Basically, i’ve got an image which is pretty much a wide and short one.

This is my goal: to take this long image and “loop” it.

What I mean is it for to be moving simultaneously to the left and it kind of goes into a tunnel and then comes out on the right hand side and continues movin.

Not sure if this is possible, but if anyone could makea sample fla for me, I will love you forever!! :beer:

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Let see if I got the idea right…

You have an image on the stage which is wide and short in size(pixels). This image you want it to move from Right to Left and get into a tunnel (what you mean with a tunnel; an image on top or just a mask). Also, you want this image to repeat all the proces again by returning to its original Right Position and go Left again?


kind of, just like it never stopped moving. Say on this image I have the letter A on it… it will eventually move to the left and go through the masking point or “tunnel” and end up on the right still moving slowly… can you do this?


I read another post when someone wanted this effect.

here is the code:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
_x = _x + 10;
// if the instance goes off stage right,
// then move it to the left side of stage
if(_x > 300){
_x = 0;

but this does not work, can anyone offer a different tweak to continue the image seamlessely?

heres an example:


i still need help! :frowning:

If you only have one picture that you want to scroll, then it will always jump back to the beginning, what you have to do is attach another instance of the movie clip to the stage, then line it up so it will look right. like this:
|[mask left] |[mask right]
|[copy of pic to scroll 1]|[copy of pic to scroll 2]
|[mask left] |[mask right]
then you add he scroll actionscript you posted above to the second copy also. This will make the first pic scroll of stage left as copy 2 scolls in stage right, then when all of copy 1 has gone off the left side of the stage it will jump back to the right side and start over. ad infintum…

If that doesn’t make sense to you let me know and I will make a demo file for you to look at…
Good luck

a demo file would be sweet man, because i’m completely new to this stuff!

thanks a million, you are a great help!

Give me a few minutes to find something to scroll and I will have the file up

Okay the file is too large to upload so I will put it on my server, heres the link
Scrolling Picture

sweet dude… thanks a lot!!! i’ll tweak around with it :slight_smile:

perhaps you also have the answer to my tabs question in the other thread in this section?

thanks again!!