Image Scroller Help:

Hey, my name is Joseph and I was looking for some useful info on completing a present task. I am not new to Flash, but I am having some issues with a current project where I am trying to execute a continuos scrolling effect with images coming in from left to right and right to left.

Sample of what I am looking for ( )

This demonstrates the scrolling effect I want, as I have previously tried using the actionscript below, but can only get the left-side to work; thus the images coming from the left to right work fine, but from right to left, it does not execute…

//this is the left side clips ActionScript

The images you see coming in from left to right vise versa are actually broken up into five images aligned side-by-side. They are individual movie clips nested inside a parent clip where the above action is applied to each of the five individual clips. Again, it works on the left side, but not the right…

I am accepting of other methods oppose to this as well… :wink:

Any help and/or resources would be much appreciated, thanks in advance…