Image Scrolling and Drop down menu

Hey i finally got that project done that so many people helped me out with…actually it’s in an initial stage right now, but i have the final page on my other computer i just need to upload it. Thanx to everyone who contributed…

NLBI<—Click it

Hey man thats pretty good, is that your first page?

Im a newbie to flash hey :slight_smile:
Can i ask u something? How did u make the images continuosly scroll???

And how did u make those drop down menus? I have been trying to make a drop down menu for ages and for some reason i just cant do it.

Can u help? :slight_smile:


Yep…it’s my first flash page. it was pretty difficult to do that as my introduction to flash, but i had some great tutorials…i’ll post them on my site and let you know when i get that done.