Image shifting? troubleshoot

Anyone ever notice on photos in flash that half of the image seems to shift to the right or left for like a second once an animation enters then seems to merge back with itself after its done?

hard to explain - but its driving me crazy -

like the middle of the photo just kinda shifts out, then back in …

if it’s an alpha fade issue, don’t fade it back in to 100%, do like 98-99%.

Other than that… it’s just because Flash is fickle with imported images. The most I can recommend with that is making sure it ends up on whole coordinates and such (treat the image as if it were a pixel font)

will do thank you lost! haven’t seen ya in a while you ok?

i also found this…

but your answer sounds the best so far. thank you. :slight_smile:

** and yes it worked :slight_smile:

Always glad to help :beam:

I know I haven’t been around much lately, been waaaaay too busy with work. I don’t even have time for a social life, let alone a kF life. It sucks big time.

i can understand that - i had to cut away some of my extracurriculars just to have that “down time” - it was getting crazy.