Image XML script

I made an xml driven image page via the example of
but the file does not work. It’s already on the net so please take a look at and then pictures.

The XML file:
<?xml version=“1.0”?>
<images directory=“”>
<imageNode jpegURL=“pic1.jpg” thumbURL=“pic1.jpg” title=“Image 50”>picturename</imageNode>

and the actionscript on the swf. In the frame:

fscommand(“allowscale”, 0);
function setGlobalStyleFormat(){
globalStyleFormat.face = 0x999999;
// globalStyleFormat.background = 0xffffff;
globalStyleFormat.arrow = 0x999999;
globalStyleFormat.darkshadow = 0x333333;
globalStyleFormat.shadow = 0x666666;
globalStyleFormat.highlight = 0xCCCCCC;
globalStyleFormat.highlight3D = 0xFFFFFF;
globalStyleFormat.scrollTrack = 0xFFFFFF;
globalStyleFormat.selection = 0x00CC00;
globalStyleFormat.textSelected = 0x000000;
globalStyleFormat.textColor = 0x006699;
globalStyleFormat.textFont = “Arial”;
globalStyleFormat.textSize = 12;
myGallery.setTnTitleStyle(‘Ekwador Poland’);

The movie just does not show the images as you can see on the da-milio website.
Can someone help me out with it?

Jos Koomen

 <?xml version="1.0" ?> 
- <images directory="">  <imageNode jpegURL="picture1.jpg" thumbURL="picture1.jpg" title="Image 0">image name</imageNode>     </images>