Images in flash file missing pixels?

Hi there,

I’m having a problem which I have had before. When building websites in flash I often import images (jpg or gif) and when I do it sometimes seems as if at one point in the image it misses a row or pixels, so it looks like there’s a line/row of pixels missing from the picture.

I’m now building a website which has a pixel heavy oriented design and can’t use any missing pixels and that messes up the design. Does anyone understand the problem and maybe have a solution to it? I’m no expert with this, so any tips would be usefull.

Thanks very much!


what Tim taught me is maybe lower the opacity to like 95% on the jpg. Also use .png instead of .gifs or something…

hmm, but I need it for a dotted line framework, which I tried to make with the line tool in flash, but when I do that the lines look a lot less prominent (like the opacity of the lines is put on 50%) and I really need a nice, solid white framework of lines for this website…and since it’s dotted and now one pixel is missing I have 4 area’s that have slightly larger gaps and blocks of 2 pixels instead of one.

if that made ANY sense at all LOL

excuse me if I can’t explain any better, english isn’t my first language.


I think I solved it. Instead of placing the image exactly on X:0 and Y:0

I put them on X:-0.4 and Y:-0.3 and now they look flawless.



What version of Flash?

a rule of thumb so to speak is that PNG-24 is the best to export/import into flash with. not only does flash (mx 04) support transparency while designing, it gives you more control on positioning. i have noticed what you are talking about (when using jpgs) but i’ve never had that problem with png.


for some reason, flash crops off 1px on the right and bottom of imported jpgs/pngs. That’s what you experienced. So in the future you can simply increase the canvas size by 1ox. :wink: Of course if you don’t need left and upper edge, you can do what you did as well.

The best two things I can tell you is to move your images to exact numbers (ex. x-4.0, y-7.0) and if that still doesn’t solve your problem, save your images as png24 or gif and leave a couple pixel clear border around the outside of your images. That’s what I always do and your problem should be fixed.

It sounds like your canvas is too small for your image. Just try increasing the canvas size…