Images not displaying in basic photo gallery

I’ve scanned the forums for a similar problem but haven’t found anyone else puzzled by this, so here goes:

When playing the .swf described in the basic photo gallery tutorial (not the one using xml), the first image displays but none of the others does. I’m using eight images; arrow-keying forward eight times brings me back to the first image with nothing in between.

I have not changed a period of the sample code except to exchange the image file names and the path to their destination folder. Here’s how those two lines look:

this.pathToPics = "images/";


this.pArray = ["1912lumber1.jpg", "1912lumber2.jpg", "1912street1.jpg", "1912street2.jpg", "1945floodclip.jpg", "1956flood.jpg", "1990flood1.jpg", "1990flood2.jpg"];

The images folder is in the same folder as the .fla and .swf. And, yes, I’ve checked multiple times to make certain the image names are spelled correctly.

Using Flash MX (not 2004). Any help appreciated.