Photo Gallery stumper

Another photo gallery.

My problem is that my images do not show up onto the screen or the box that should contain them. Sometimes I can catch just a glimpse of the image that I drew to hold the gallery images (which I gave an instance name of photo) but it is for a split second.

I have read the other posts on photo galleries but haven’t seen my issue.

I am using flash MX.

I am following the Tute. I have named my image folder Animation and the only change was to the jpg names. They are baseline jpegs.

Any ideas?


Im afraid we will not be able to help you unless you post your fla or all your code.

Still not sure why the images did not appear on the screen…however, I redid the whole gallery and made sure the registration on the movie clip was in the upper left corner and it is working. Maybe there was something else going on but that seemed to help.