Imark-media v4

I’ll start off with the link:

I’m still working out some kinks with the loading…And yes I know the navigation can get a bit irratating

All comments/bugs welcome.


you are hot imark :love:

I like the design and the transition effects, but loading time is a bit long.

I also don’t like the font you’re using too much either, it’s kinda hard to read for me. It looks like its bold and so it just looks like white blocks to me.

WOW man that site is HOT. I really LOVE, LOVE the animations between the parts. Loading is not to long… maybe because of the 1 gig bit down if got…
awesome sh*t

i like us site it’s really cool. clean, the transitions are wicked and i like the colours your are using. i think the font is fine. keep up the good work

yeah, very smooth, but I also thought the loading time was a bit on the long side.
I like the font you have and find it perfectly easy to read, better than a stupid pixel-font anyday.

Thanks for the kind words guys

ps. :love: liam

the picture that is in the background could be made brighter, i think it would jump out more then, right now its kind of dark and dull

good job

i think the transitions need sound

great job! love the transitions and rollover… very slick :slight_smile: